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Data Science is a combination of
business, software, maths, visualization and communication.
We dig it!

Data Science & Analytics

Hexagon flow.

• Deep Learning
• Knowledge Representation
• Language Understanding
• QA Systems
• Language Generation

• Recommender Systems
• Machine Translation
• Image Analytics
• Personal Assistants
• Semantic Networks

Artificial Intelligence Consulting

25 years of expertise

Graph Analytics

Including graph layout and graph visuaization techniques

Data Visualization.

Data Visualization

• Data Science Dashboards
• Custom widgets in JavaScript
• Angular, Kendo, React
• MEAN all the way

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Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Natural Language Understanding, Bots, Personalized Semantic Networks, Neural Networks and more.
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Let's talk about

Big data

Big algorithms

BIG ideas

[and then some]


  • Data Science & Analytics

    We develop custom analytics solutions and enable predictive modeling through out-of-band developments and state-of-the-art analytics platforms like Hortonworks, Dataiku and Rapidminer. We are the extraordinary talent overlapping business insights, mathematical know-how, software development expertise and visualization magic.

  • Artificial intelligence

    The Qwiery framework is AI as a service and consists of many services which demonstrate our expertise in everything from natural language understanding to synthetic emotions over sentiment analysis and semantic networks. We help develop, integrate and envision business solutions in need of AI beyond the basics.

  • Graph analytics & diagramming

    We wrote graph algorithms and implemented diagramming solutions in all major programming languages. We know the in and out of graph mining and related technologies (e.g. Neo4J and NoSQL). If you need help with finding the needle in the connected haystack we’ll make it happen.

  • Data visualization

    Data science and data visualization go hand in hand. Executive dashboards and presenting deep results in a convenient fashion are part of our job. We create smashing visuals and custom dataviz, integrate them in everything from NodeJS to Apache Zeppelin, from PowerBI to Shiny dashboards.


  • Phone


  • Twitter

    All the latest about data science, deep learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence. You can also contact us via Twitter.

Orbifold Consulting was founded in 2005 by sole proprietor Francois Vanderseypen Ph.D. to combine business expertise and scientific know-how in bespoke software solutions. Orbifold delivers unique and innovative approaches using state-of-the-art tools and packages, from JavaScript to Hadoop over stochastic differential equations and GPU in the cloud. Using a distributed network of professionals across the globe Orbifold focuses on data science and business intelligence across all industries. The company is a limited liability company located in Belgium (Europe) partnering with Dataiku, Progress, Telerik, HortonWorks, Microsoft Azure and yWorks

  • Github

    You can download, fork and contribute to our open-source projects on Github.

  • Qwiery

    AI as a service.
    [Powered by Orbifold]

  • GraphDB.Net

    Graph analytics for SQL Server.
    [Powered by Orbifold]

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Modern enterprises run on data. Open and Connected Data Platforms from Hortonworks enable an organization to manage all data, data-in-motion and data-at-rest to empower actionable intelligence for your organization whether the data is in the data center or in the cloud.

At Orbifold we love all things Zeppelin, YARN, Spark and Hive. From millions to xillions of data points.

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Orbifold has worked for and with Telerik (a Progress company) in the past ten years and we know their products inside out.

[In fact, we coached and helped develop a whole lot]

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The very best diagramming and graph analysis frameworks on the planet.

Orbifold proudly partnering with yWorks to deliver you amazing graph analytics and graph visualizations.

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